REIWAG’s ultimate goal is to please our clients!

Visions, strategies and goals of the REIWAG group

The success and the reputation of the REIWAG Group as “quality service provider” can easily be explained: clients being pleased by our convincing services of highest quality with innovative solutions and individual service. „We want to please our clients“ is a slogan of our employees. This aspiration commits all our employees – yesterday, today and in the future. Changes in in the area of facility management occur with rapid speed. Therefore REIWAG is always moving forward and commited to most stringent quality criteria. This is a pledge to our clients.


REIWAG’s clients appreciate precision and perfection without compromise

One of the principals of a successful facility management service provider is to know the business of the client. Therefore all services provided by REIWAG are customized to the needs: Competent, efficient and constantly of high quality for the benefit of the client. Only then all clients of REIWAG can enjoy the excellent quality of finely tuned and coordinated outputs at the highest level. Precision in the provision of services, perfection in their solutions and without compromises. In doing so, REIWAG and you as a client will stay on the forefront.


Innovations bring advantages for REIWAG clients

The best solution is not necessarily the cheapest but an economically lasting one. Real estate and technologies develop at a fast pace and with it the demands on the provider. Therefore it is important to already think today of the tomorrow. If there is a need for maximising the effectivity of a new building or the reconstruction of an older real estate- with the solutions offered by REIWAG you are always a step ahead. With intelligent and innovative solutions offered by REIWAG, you will always receive new impulses for the long term maintenance of your value for real estate. It goes without saying, proposed solutions in the whole area of facility management are always customised to the specific requirements of the client.


„To guarantee quality“ means to keep reins tightly

To guarantee best quality means to hold the reins firmly in your own hands. Therefore, REIWAG as an „All by One“ service provider, offers almost all services by it’s own staff. The in-house services of REIWAG account for almost 90 percent with only a small portion of rare and specialised tasks (e.g. during the warranty period) being performed by partner companies. However, such partner companies are carefully chosen by REIWAG and operate under the same stringent REIWAG quality criteria. This makes REIWAG independent and flexible for the client. In the practice: competent, efficient and of highest quality standard.